Kirill Skorobogatov

Back-end Web developer. Digital Marketer.
Mobile Application Developer based in Brussels, Belgium.

Back-end Web Developer

Java, PHP5, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL.
CMS, Joomla, Drupal.
Server-side programming, back-end web-development, local networking, databases.
Fluent in English, Russian and proficient knowledge of 4 other languages.

Mobile Application Developer (Android)

Creating applications with minimalistic interfaces that just work.
5 years experience in Mobile application development.

Current Projects

Be.Rich Web Development - A Brussels based Mobile Application & Web-development agency providing full range of marketing, web development & design services.

Slick - An interactive map of services and businesses. Addresses and phone numbers to find Slick. The best clubs, restaurants, bars and gas stations, service stations and hookah in your town. - A service that connects buyers and sellers allowing purchasing of various items and goods such as furtniture, books, accessories.